St George’s Cathedral Art 2015

St George’s Cathedral Art 2015

13th Annual Exhibition

St George's Cathedral Art 2015 ran from 15 July until 23 July with 155 works of art from 55 schools. At the Gala Awards Night on Thursday 23 July, Director of the Art Gallery of WA, Dr Stefano Carboni, presented the prizes.

Overall Winner and 2D Category Winner

Toby Hills, Hale School, for In Touch (Coloured pencil on cartridge paper)

My artwork is an academic drawing that portrays the influence of technology on all generations. The idea behind the drawing was to emphasise how people engage with technology, creating a non-existent world around themselves. The white background highlights the subject's total absorption in her conversation to the exclusion of all else.

In Touch by Toby Hills (click the image for a better view of the artwork)

3D Category Winner

Michelle McMahon, Corpus Christi College, for Distress's Tranquil Hideaway (Ceramics)

My work looks at the human condition through the positioning of raw, expressive forms with refined detail over the body, absent from superficial clothing distorting the individual's purity. It is figurative in expressing hidden emotions, inner mental conflict, reflection, and dreams, conveyed physically using emotive, gestural movement of the body in an almost freeze-frame, capturing vulnerability and isolation.

Distress's Tranquil Hideaway by Michelle McMahon

Digital Category Winner

Charlotte Bradley, Prendiville Catholic College, for Black and White (DVD with accompanying digital print)

'Black and White' is an artwork displaying identity in association with racial stereotypes. Being an Australian of mixed-race, I have used myself as the subject to display a confusion as to what stereotypes to conform to in order to identify with common expectations within society. I have presented the 'skin' as something that can be easily removed though it continues to remain a constant. Sound has been appropriated and adapted from GarageBand software.

Black and White by Charlotte Bradley

Textiles and Wearable Art Category Winner

Tessa Dorotich, St Stephen's School Carramar, for Beautiful Bruises (Textile)

My artwork explores the issue of the romanticism of abuse, especially against women. The desensitization of violence has led society to see domestic abuse as perhaps a "beautiful" tragedy. My work was inspired by the work of Ann Teresa Barboza, especially her figurative pieces depicting her feminist views.

Beautiful Bruises by Tessa Dorotich

St George’s Cathedral Art 2015

"In Touch" by Toby Hills, Overall Winner and 2D Category Winner

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