St George’s Cathedral Art 2017

St George’s Cathedral Art 2017

15th Annual Exhibition

St George's Cathedral Art 2017 ran from 15 July until 23 July with 128 works of art from 47 schools. At the Gala Awards Night on Thursday 20 July, Dr Stefano Carboni, Director of the Art Gallery of WA, awarded prizes to five winning artworks, and Mr Michael Boercamp from Jacksons Drawing Supplies presented five Highly Commended prizes.
Overall Winner

Kimberley Lin, Santa Maria College for H.M.N. (Oil)

My painting aims to focus on people's understanding of personal choices and attempting to achieve the seemingly impossible. On contemporary social grounds, most people have become liberated to express themselves without being directly oppressed. However, the cycle of hypocrisy continues as society perseveres to label those who express themselves in the name of "not being labelled", hence the impossibility.

H.M.N. by Kimberley Lin (click the image for a better view of the artwork)

2D Category Winner

Michaela Savage, St Mary's Anglican Girls' School, for Maralinga (Acrylic on Wood)

Maralinga is a monumental event in Australian history that has been inadequately explored. Only after travelling to the remote communities in Central Australia did I hear about the controversial 1952 nuclear bomb tests. I realised that like myself, many were ignorant of the horrific impacts on the Ngaatajarra, Pitjantjara and Spinifex people at the time. I wanted to convey the harsh reality of the effects the tests had on these Indigenous communities.

Maralinga by Michaela Savage

Digital Category Winner

Mia Trewin, Irene McCormack Catholic College, for Technology Takeover (Digitally altered photograph)

My decision to use digital means to create my art work connects to the technological ties my generation have with devices and our obsession with social media. I took photos of a friend and my sister to represent the teenage age group, where social media is a large part of our lives. I pixelated each portrait in Photoshop, before individually changing the colours of social media logos to match the tones within each pixel

Technology Takeover by Mia Trewin

3D Category Winner

Jenna Newton, Prendiville Catholic College, for Bleached, Black and Bagged (Resin, glass, hebel stone and found objects)

My artwork is a commentary on the plight of the world's oceans. Each bowl within the series represents one of the three major issues which are negatively impacting on the health of these vital ecosystems: rising ocean temperatures, pollution, and waste matter. The beauty of these vast bodies of water often masks the actual severity of our current situation, a perspective I wanted to illuminate within my work.

Bleached, Black and Bagged by Jenna Newton

Mixed Media & Textiles Category Winner

Danielle Strahan, St Mary's Anglican Girls' School, for Love Will Trump Hate (Oil, acrylic and woven embroidery yarn on canvas with poly-carbonate sheeting)

The latest American election has sparked a sudden rise in attention on practically every social topic regarding religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and disabilities. With Donald Trump being voted in as President of the United States, myself and millions of others were shocked by just how many people, including the new president of this influential country, still have discriminating values. I have used modern and different styles to convey my thoughts on these issues.

Love Will Trump Hate by Danielle Strahan

Highly Commended

Lauren Fleming, Iona Presentation College, for Poppa (Wood burn on timber)
Taylor Kolk, Mandurah Catholic College, for The Year of the Rabbits (Acrylic, ceramics and wood)
Theresa Tedeschi, Melville Senior High School, for Vital Materialism (Mixed media)
Stephanie Dunkeld, Perth College, for The Curious City (Micron markers on paper, card and canvas board)
Lauryn Wrightstone, Seton Catholic College, for What Lies Beneath (Oil)

St George’s Cathedral Art 2017

'H.M.N.' by Kimberley Lin, Overall Winner

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