St George’s Cathedral Art 2018

St George’s Cathedral Art 2018

16th Annual Exhibition

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: At the 16th Annual St George’s Art Gala Awards Night on Thursday 19 July, The Most Reverend Kay Goldsworthy AO, Archbishop of Perth, awarded prizes to four winning artworks, Mr Simon Church from Church + Osborne presented the Digital prize, and Mr Michael Boercamp from Jacksons Drawing Supplies presented five Highly Commended prizes.
Overall Winner

Alexandra O’Brien, Iona Presentation College, for I’m all Ears (Oil on canvas)

In my work, I wanted to comment on the common perception people have of deafness, which is often fed by misinformed media such as films or books. I wanted to provoke some understanding and self-evaluation on behalf of the viewer into how they react to, and interact with, deaf people.

Judges' Comment: This is a striking and powerful work that cleverly shares with us the experience of deafness, not an easy task through a visual medium and yet the artist has achieved it beautifully. This piece is technically superb, with an intriguing colour palette.

I'm All Ears by Alexandra O'Brien (click the image for a better view of the artwork)

2D Category Winner

Ellessea Martincic, Corpus Christi College, for Strength Hidden Within The Shadows (Graphite)

The intention of this artwork is to force the audience to question gender-based stereotypes. I wanted to convey to young girls that it's okay to be a tomboy, okay to be masculine, okay to not conform to sexist stereotypes. I chose to work with white drawing board and graphite lead pencils to be able to create depth, a clear focal point and to intertwine the saying "not everything is black and white".

Judges' Comment: This is a contemporary look at an ancient practice; there is a sense of light, energy and balance, created with excellent technique.

Strength Hidden Within The Shadows by Ellessea Martincic

3D Category Winner

Genevieve Matthews, Penrhos College, for Ocean in the Plastic (Ceramics, paper cut)

In my artwork, the plastic water bottle form acts as a paradox. People pay for the bottle, not the water. Despite nearly everyone knowing the detrimental effects of plastic, the bottled water industry thrives. My work aims to put blame directly on the individual's contribution to the issue of plastic in the environment.

Judges' Comment: This artwork is conceptually clever and the materiality supports the concept. The fragility of the ceramic and paper communicates the idea of environmental collapse, and asks the viewer to reconsider our use of plastic and its effect on the ocean.

Ocean in the Plastic by Genevieve Matthews

Digital Category Winner

Imogen Robertson, Applecross Senior High School, for Symmetrical Comfort Zones (Digital video)

Lines are powerful. Movement of line and the process in which line is created shows difference: not necessarily as a comment on society or culture, but a difference rooted in each and every individual. My work is a personal moment of movement encompassing each individual in a safe place for them to reflect with their own thoughts. I encourage the use of headphones to fully immerse the viewer.

Judges' Comment: The artist has edited and filmed this performance work beautifully, using the idea of mark-making in an engaging and well considered way.

Symmetrical Comfort Zones by Imogen Robertson

Mixed Media & Textiles Category Winner

Torren Whisson, Balcatta Senior High School, for Rise of A New Light (Oil, acrylic and woven embroidery yarn on canvas with poly-carbonate sheeting)

My work is a depiction of the uprising of a new generation of female weavers in Africa. Traditionally, only the men have been able to weave, whilst women were only allowed to spin and dye the yarn. In recent decades women have begun weaving against the tradition. Therefore, I have portrayed their uprising through the rising of the sun behind the figure and the merging of different art techniques.

Judges' Comment: This artwork is an elegant mixture of textile and painting, the proportions are perfect and the format is interesting, conceptually the work is strong because it honours tradition whilst at the same time welcomes change and innovation.

Rise of A New Light by Torren Whisson

Highly Commended

Charlotte Ch’ng, All Saints' College, for Proud Feathers (Fabric paint, calico, embroidery thread, embroidery hoop, acrylic)
Makenzee Earl, Ellenbrook Secondary College, for Pixelate (Photography)
Manon Mason, Helena College, for Intrusion (Oil and wire)
Mila Mary, Presbyterian Ladies' College, for Super Normal (Acrylic)
Monique Nash, Shenton College, for Uprooted (Dry point etching and watercolour)

St George’s Cathedral Art 2018

'I’m all Ears' by Alexandra O’Brien

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