St George’s Cathedral Art 2019

St George’s Cathedral Art 2019

17th Annual Exhibition

At the 17th Annual St George’s Art Gala Awards Night on Thursday 25 July, The Reverend Theresa Harvey (Locum Tenens Dean), awarded prizes to the Overall Winner and three Category Winners, Mr Simon Church from Church + Osborne presented the Digital prize, and Mr Michael Boercamp from Jacksons Drawing Supplies presented five Highly Commended prizes.
Overall Winner

Mikayla Grosse, Applecross Senior High School, for Quotidian Routine (Video art)

This work contemplates the monotony of everyday rituals, targeting the prevalence of technology in our lives and the unhealthy routines that come about as a result. Combining animation modelled over real video and the structural element of a building, I was partly inspired by the artist Tony Oursler. Each 'room' has its own story, but if you look carefully, some of the narratives are intertwined, much like our lives.

Quotidian Routine by Mikayla Grosse (click the image for a better view of the artwork)

2D Category Winner

Annaliese Iliffe-Turner, Corpus Christi College, for Pa (Ink print on artist paper)

Time is intangible and inevitable. It is an omnipresent force, and yet we are rarely able to produce a visual representation of it. In my production piece I have tried to visualise this idea of time through the lines of age and the stories faces tell. I used etching plate to carve in the lines of the face, which was then degraded in acid, pressed into ink and transferred to artist paper.

Pa by Annaliese Iliffe-Turner

3D Category Winner

Jordan Carrasco, Prendiville Catholic College, for Encapsulated (Ceramic)

My artwork comments on the struggle faced by people with a mental illness. The sculpture features my face and hands protruding from a wall, symbolising the feeling of being trapped by your own mind. The grout is made from individually formed ceramic pills. These represent the range of medications taken in an attempt to improve mental health, which, for some, have many harmful side effects that can create another barrier to achieving a healthy life.

Encapsulated by Jordan Carrasco

Digital Category Winner

Ally-May McGaw, Prendiville Catholic College, for Surface Tension (Digital video)

My artwork represents the idea that anyone, regardless of their background or position in society, can be overcome by a mental illness at some stage in their life. The five characters, represented by their work and school attire, are based on a range of different people within my own life who have struggled with mental health issues.

Surface Tension by Ally-May McGaw

Mixed Media & Textiles Category Winner

Mia Shaw, Penrhos College, for Make Up of Me (Embroidery and ink on calico with paper cut)

Your heritage is something that will always be with you. It's something you can't change. My work explores my own family history that makes up who I am. My mother is Bosnian, represented by the yellow national flower of Bosnia: Lilium Bosniacum. The purple Scottish thistle and the blue Irish cuckoo flower correspond to my Irish and Scottish grandparents on my father's side. The flower revealed behind each person symbolises their nationality.

Make Up of Me by Mia Shaw

Highly Commended

Amy Robinson, All Saints' College, for Ihr Zuhause (Her Home)
Keren Cobel, Ashdale Secondary College, for The Enchanted Australian Bush
Lewis Hemery, Hale School, for Family Pool
William Boutle, St Stephen's School, Duncraig, for Man and Machine
Melanie Tan, Willeton Senior High School, for Kung Hei Fat Choy 

St George’s Cathedral Art 2019

'Quotidian Routine' by Mikayla Grosse

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