St George’s Cathedral Art 2021

St George’s Cathedral Art 2021

18th Annual Exhibition

At the 18th Annual St George’s Art Gala Awards Night on Thursday 22 July, Janet Holmes à Court presented the Overall Winner award, Colin Walker, Director of the Art Gallery of WA, presented the 2D and 3D winners with their prizes, Ian Leverington, Executive Officer of the Anglican Community Fund, presented the Mixed Media & Textiles award, Simon Church from Church + Osborne awarded the Digital prize, and Michael Boercamp from Jacksons Drawing Supplies presented five Highly Commended prizes.

Overall Winner

Yasmin Asia De La Rosa Sutedja, Presbyterian Ladies’ College, for Carrier (Acrylic and oil on board)

Inspired by Frida Kahlo’s lively portraits celebrating her Mexican culture, ‘Carrier’ is a reflective self- portrait exploring my disassociation with my Costa Rican, Swiss, Spanish and Taiwanese heritage, yet nonetheless having my biological features carry my heritage throughout my life. For my reference, I projected a self-made digital pattern on myself, emulating the concept of a superficial cultural connection, which showcases Heliconia Rostrata, a native Costa Rican flower symbolic of the connection to my birthplace.

Carrier by Yasmin Asia De La Rosa Sutedja (click the image for a better view of the artwork)

2D Category Winner

Laura Bonney, St Clare’s School, for Honeyant Dreaming (Acrylic on canvas)

My culture is immensely rich and my world was created in the Dreamtime, my people’s time of creation. My culture is strong, and I am inspired by the rituals, stories and wisdom of our Elders. We are all people of tradition and story, and through our God we celebrate together in a loving way that shows reconciliation and forgiveness.

Honeyant Dreaming by Laura Bonney (click the image for a better view of the artwork)

3D Category Winner

Oscar Heggers, Dale Christian School, for Fishing Fragilities (Cane, string and wire)

‘Fishing Fragilities’ is inspired by the exploitation of our precious oceans through overfishing. It resembles a traditional fishing trap made from woven cane, old fishing nets and discarded wire, representing the path the world must take to reverse the damage done to our seas.

Fishing Fragilities by Oscar Heggers (click the image for a better view of the artwork)

Digital Category Winner

Kate Halvorson, Ellenbrook Secondary College, for Obsolete Individuality (Digital drawing)

Who are we without the labels we wear? What are we hiding behind these labels? In order to fit in, we often butcher our sense of true identity in order to hide the parts of ourselves we consider ugly or imperfect to maintain the image we are meant to portray. Additionally I wanted to portray that it’s not our environment which pressures us into committing to labels but rather the social pressure within our environments.

Obsolete Individuality by Kate Halvorson (click the image for a better view of the artwork)

Mixed Media & Textiles Category Winner

Jordan Pescud, Kennedy Baptist College, for Reflect in Vincent’s Eyes (Crocheted yarn)

Seven months ago, I learnt the art of crochet and it’s fair to say I’m hooked. This medium allows me to express my creativity, blending my love of art, fashion and pop culture. Ambitiously starting with a Paddle Pop jumper, a simple happy piece, I then created the Starboy coat, revering the boy who swallowed a star from ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’. Finally, I wanted to make a statement piece inspired by the symbolism of ‘Starry Night’. Like Van Gogh, I spent my time making this dress in a dark moment and this project stayed with me to the other side.

Reflect in Vincent’s Eyes by Jordan Pescud (click the image for a better view of the artwork)

Highly Commended

Lani Robinson, All Saints’ College, for Te Haerenga o Tetahi
Gianna Lawrence, Iona Presentation College, for Tea Break
Sachi Elliot, Perth Modern School, for Yoshinori Maeda
Neve Adams, Santa Maria College, for Guess
Ruby Nunn, Seton Catholic College, for Cowboys Don’t Cry 

St George’s Cathedral Art 2021

'Carrier' by Yasmin Asia De La Rosa Sutedja

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