St George’s Cathedral Art Exhibition 2022

St George’s Cathedral Art Exhibition 2022

On Thursday 21 July, prizes were awarded at the 19th Annual St George’s Art Gala Awards Night. There were 5 award categories, with another 5 Highly Commended works chosen.

Mr Ian Leverington, Executive Officer, Anglican Community Fund, presented the awards.

Overall Winner

Noongar Seasons (Mixed medium)
Group Entry: Giaan Bartley, Regan Gonella, Courtney Goode, Jordan Graeves, Shayla McDonald, Emily Smith, Mia Smith, Cash Treen, Kiara Tremblay from Mandurah Catholic College 

This painting workshop, guided by Peter Martin and Miles Carpenter, along with our Year 10 art students, aims to represent the Noongar seasons through depiction of the fauna and flora that are frequently found during that time of year. The Year 10 art students divided into six groups, adopting a season to research and compose a design from the resulting drawings. The blown silhouette images pay homage to traditional styles of indigenous art. The hand silhouettes represent a Farewell to the passing season.

Noongar Seasons (click the image for a better view of the artwork)

2D Category Winner

Charlotte Williams, Presbyterian Ladies' College, for  Are We There Yet?  (Oil paint on paper)

Inspired by colour-rich portraits from the 1800s, my self-portrait explores the ideas of childhood and maturity in the 21st century. In my experience, children are maturing earlier and earlier, leaving behind the carefree, curious and creative attitudes of childhood. This has led many to have a strong desire to be able to 'go back', shunning the responsibilities of maturity and embracing the innocence of childhood that has been discarded too quickly.

Are We There Yet? by Charlotte Williams (click the image for a better view of the artwork)

3D Category Winner

Sarah Spencer, Presbyterian Ladies' College, for Human Nature (Plaster, watercolour, wood, charcoal, resin, mirror, other mixed media)

‘Human Nature' aims to display the relationship between man and nature. The first hand shows destruction: man’s greed to acquire the earth's riches. The ash represents the wreckage we leave in our wake, and the mirror our shattered relationship with nature. The second hand displays nature destroying man, wood overtaking the body. The third shows man and nature collaborating in a strained relationship, embracing in their forms of a hand and a black pond.

Human Nature by Sarah Spencer (click the image for a better view of the artwork)

Digital Category Winner

Kayla Perkins, Applecross SHS, for Element of Surprise (Digital)

This animated artwork presents two reconstructed objects – a playful, youthful Fisher Price Jack in the Box and a PFM landmine (AKA the Butterfly Mine). Both produced in the 1970s, the PFM was often mistaken for a small toy by children due to its shape and bright colour leading to deadly results. The work creates a scene which is uncomfortable to look at, however, the darker fact remains that these mines are still distributed today.

Element of Surprise by Kayla Perkins (click the image for a better view of the artwork)

Mixed Media & Textiles Category Winner

Gabrielle Panther, St Mary’s Anglican Girls' School, for Water Bodies (Various fabric and thread, card mount)

On summer holiday, I visited the beach and was inspired by the motion and expressiveness of the water. I observed that the water communicates various emotions such as outrage, wrath and rage or otherwise apathy, fluidity and peacefulness. I captured the idea by placing sheer satin in our pool and using my sister to model to represent today's society. With the photographs I used Mola technique and embroidery to embrace the softness and smoothness of the water with fabric, but also empathise different lines, tones and movement while also creating texture and pattern.

Water Bodies by Gabrielle Panther (click the image for a better view of the artwork)

Highly Commended

Afreena Mohd Mahathir, Como Secondary College for Nurture

Macey Button, Ellenbrook Secondary College for What time is it?

Rachel Tan, Perth Modern School for His Blood Has Set us Free

India Seymour-Eyles, Seton Catholic College for The Things you leave behind

Ashlee Ladyman, St Mary’s Anglican Girls School for Under the Skin

Nurture by Afreena Mohd Mahathir

What time is it? by Macey Button

His Blood Has Set us Free by Rachel Tan

The Things you leave behind by India Seymour-Eyles

Under the Skin by Ashlee Ladyman

St George’s Cathedral Art Exhibition 2022

'Noongar Seasons' 2022 Overall Winner